Recovery Stories

Avid microchips and the PETtrac Recovery Network have successfully reunited millions of lost pets with their owners. Read stories about pets who had gone missing for days, months, or even years; sometimes traveling hundreds of miles. Share your pet's return-home story with us.


On 3/14/20 after unloading groceries from the car to the house we noticed Charger was no where to be found assuming he got out when we were going back and forth to the car of course my heart sank. I jumped in the car and started frantically driving the neighborhood which seemed ...Read more

Missing for 7 years!!!!!

Our beloved Comet, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, went missing September 2012 in Valdese, NC. We contacted AVID within the hour. We were devastated. We searched day after day, door to door, on Facebook, at every Vet office and every shelter. We never gave up hope. Over the year ...Read more

4 Years and 800 miles

I woke up at 4 a.m. not really knowing why. I noticed that I had missed a call from California. I called the number back and after the first few words I hung up, thinking it had been a robo-call. Then my sleepy mind caught up with what I just heard, “PETtrac pet recovery servic ...Read more

Found after 4 years!

My cat Angel went missing in April of 2015. I posted several times to facebook lost and found pet pages, hung signs and checked the local shelter numerous times. I called Avid and reported her missing. No sign of Angel anywhere. I could even tell that her brother (whom we still h ...Read more

Home At Last!

2 1/2 yrs ago, Samson dug under the fence & went to explore the neighborhood...never to be found again...until now. He loves taking walks around the neighborhood. Got tired of waiting for me to take him out again & went on his own. Flyers were posted around the neighborhood wi ...Read more

So lucky Bernie came to us

My elderly husband and I had a wonderful dog, we had had since he was 4 months old. He got cancer of the mouth and we had to put him down in April of 2017. In January of 2018 our daughter called and a grammar school friend knew of a lovely dog whose parents died and needed a h ...Read more

My cat was stolen along with my car

A thief stole my car when my beautiful Bengal cat named Purrelli was in it! I called the police, who said they could do nothing about it and said that unless I could prove I was the owner of the cat, they would leave Purrelli with the thief who had every intention of stealing hi ...Read more

5 years ago...

A little over 5 years ago our 10 year old cat Kai went missing. He was always an adventurous guy that preferred the great outdoors. I assumed he discovered a new outdoor life for himself and just wanted to be free. Many years passed and I assumed he had passed away. 4 days ag ...Read more

Quick re-uniting

My senior pooch, Morocco, wandered off around 10 pm at night, sniffing bushes, I am sure, along the way, until he found himself lost (about 1/4 mile from home.) I realized he was missing about 10 min. later and began walking the neighborhood for about an hour-getting more and m ...Read more


Ivy got out of my house after only living here a week. She is the full sister/twin of my Stella who came to me in November. Ivy needed a home and Stella needed her sister as a playmate. She got out Saturday May 5th and I followed all the suggested things to do, ie checking shelte ...Read more